A Taoist Mountain Journal

My Friends,

I am on an extended retreat. However I don’t want to lose touch with my¬† community, my friends from around the world. Although I am living in a somewhat isolated mountain cabin with my beloved Nancy, I am nonetheless part of the Real World.

By, “Real World,” of course I do not mean the world presented by media, social or otherwise. I mean the world of earth, sky, water, air, wood, fire, and all living beings, seen and unseen, spirits, guides, energies – and most of all the Light that shines without a shadow; that lies beyond the dualities of yin and yang and is the Cosmic Love against which all life unfolds.

I have come to understand that, although I have followed, metaphorically, Lao-Tzu over the Hangu pass into the western mountains, I am still part to the Flow of Life that connects everything together. From that perspective, I want to share with you in a new manner for the coming years – not as a teacher or author, but as a friend who is exploring new territory. Everything I thought I knew is up for grabs and I am hoping to find my way, a step at a time, into a New World, (Which is actually the Real World that has been here waiting throughout the ages of humanity).

I would enjoy being in community with you through this on-line journal. I’m going to write and share as honestly as I am able. It is all I have left to give. I hope it is of some “butterfly effect” benefit to the Whole.



All my previous books and essays will remain available on the website: Freedom, Simplicity and Joy.