A Taoist Mountain Journal

My Friends,

I am emerging from an extended retreat. I want to reconnect with my  community and my friends from around the world. Although I am still living a somewhat reclusive life with my beloved Nancy, I am nonetheless part of the Real World.

By, “Real World,” of course I do not mean the world presented by media, social or otherwise. I mean the world of earth, sky, water, air, wood, fire, and all living beings, seen and unseen, spirits, guides, energies – and most of all the Light that shines without a shadow; that lies beyond the dualities of yin and yang and is the Cosmic Love against which all life unfolds.

I have come to understand that, although I have followed, metaphorically, Lao-Tzu over the Hangu pass into the western mountains, I am still part to the Flow of Life that connects everything together. From that perspective, I want to share with you in a new manner for the coming years – not as a teacher or author, but as a friend who is exploring new territory. Everything I thought I knew is up for grabs and I am hoping to find my way, a step at a time, into a New World, (Which is actually the Real World that has been here waiting throughout the ages of humanity).

I would enjoy being in community with you through this on-line journal. I’m going to write and share as honestly as I am able. It is all I have left to give. I hope it is of some “butterfly effect” benefit to the Whole.

I am also looking for other ways of being of service. I am available for personal conversation via Zoom or other on-line tools and would be happy to speak with you or your group if you think it would be helpful. Feel free to contact me.



All my previous books and essays will remain available on the website: Freedom, Simplicity and Joy.