I’ve Moved

New site for  my work:    www.williammartin.org

Dear Friends,

I have emerged from an extended period of retreat. It has been a time of discovery and of finding a new perspective on my life and work. On the one hand, I am more convinced than ever that our culture is facing a time of disintegration. On the other hand, I feel that there is much that can be done to bring understanding, compassion, peace, and healing. We can find meaning, joy, and gratitude in the simple blessings life brings. And we can plant the seeds from which a new humanity might spring, one which our descendants will inherit with gratitude.

I believe I still have work to do and contributions to make. To that end, some dear friends and I have constructed a new website which will be the platform for my teaching, counseling, and writing in the coming years. I invite you to visit me at this new site as it will be the platform of my future work.

Those of you who have been subscribing to my blog poems on this site will find them transferred to the new site. I believe I have also been able to transfer your subscriptions to the new site as well. If not, please go ahead and subscribe from the new site.

I will be teaching on-line seminars that explore the ways in which Taoist understandings can help us navigate these difficult times with a sense of peace and hope. In addition, I will be offering one-on-one personal guidance meetings via Zoom. New essays and poems will also be posted on this site. I hope it provides us a place of connection and mutual support.

“These are times that try men’s souls.” Yet souls are made of strong and vital stuff and it is times like these for which they were made. It is time now. It is time for us to step out of darkness and division into the light of Earth and Heaven. May this light fill our souls with all that is needed for the road ahead.


Bill Martin