Tao Te Ching – Chapter 3

If achievement is valued,
jealousy will result.
If possessions are valued,
hoarding and stealing will result.

Therefore this path is one
of contentment and simplicity.
It empties the mind of its chattering,
and fills the soul with truth.
It frees us from our wanting
and returns us to our passion.

No longer needing to have our own way,
we are not fooled by clever plots and plans.
Our actions become focused, pure, and effortless.

Of course it is difficult to remain focused. Culture is build upon the premise that we don’t yet have everything that we want. If we think that we do, we must be quickly disabused of that heretical thought. Political polemics are based on our dissatisfaction. “Vote for me and I will make it better!” (How’s that working for us?) Our economic truism states that the consumer must be constantly stimulated to want something else, something more. It is this wanting that keeps us falling victim to the latest schemes of con artists. (Including 99% of political voices and 90% of all advertising)

Honestly, all I want is a simple life of genuine contentment; to be happy, sad, sick, well, working, resting, and ultimately dying – all in a natural, un-selfconscious way. What could I possibly purchase that would bring me this? What could I possibly achieve outside of my self that would guarantee me this? On the other hand, what could possibly keep me from this, other than my conditioned mind? I have it all already.

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