August 1, 2019

Tao Te Ching – Chapter 4

Walking this path,
we experience inexhaustible energy.
From what appears an empty void,
we find the bounty of life.

Our edginess, tension,
anger, and turmoil
begin to settle down.
In their place we find
a deep tranquility
that has been here waiting
since before the beginning
of beginning-less time.

I experience two primary sources of energy. One, the most familiar source, seems to be generated in my head, the product of my thoughts. Another, more subtle but vastly more powerful, source is located in that seemingly empty place that we are reluctant to approach. People sense it in different ways. I tend to be aware of it in my “Hara”- that place that Taoists call the “Tantien” or the “Field of Energy” located in the abdomen. However we sense it, it is the connection to the Mystery, the Void, the Divine Womb. It is from this place that the Life Force that animates us emerges.

Because it is an unfamiliar place, I am reluctant to allow my attention to dwell within it. Therefore I move through the day from my “head energy” and am always a bit off-balance, tight of shoulder and brow, leaning into the moments as if trying to get them over with as quickly as possible and on to… well, to whatever’s next. When I sink my attention to this deeper, less defined, less “rational” place, my perspective on life changes. I no longer have to struggle to find a place to belong because I realize that I have always, throughout eternity, Belonged.

One thought on “Belonging”

  1. …leaning into the moments and trying to get them over with as quickly as possible —to get on to what is next. Yikes! Ha! Such a Good description of the endless inner chatter —missing my moments by looking at the next!


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