She Is Us.

Tao Te Ching – Chapter 6

Everything that exists was born of the feminine principle within the Tao.
This mysterious principle can be called
“the mother of all.”

There is no need
to weary ourselves in an effort to find her.
She is ever with us
because she is us.

I love the feminine images that Lao-Tzu uses. To realize that the Cosmos was birthed rather than “made,” gives me a deeper sense of belonging. I’m not a stranger wandering in a strange and alien land. I was born from the same womb as were the stars and galaxies and we all remain contained within that Great Mother. The idea of “Mother Earth” is not simply a lovely metaphor. It is the literal truth of existence. You and I were born of the Earth. The Earth was born of the Cosmos. The Cosmos was born of the womb of the Mystery.

My head aches when I try to put more words to this idea. Sort of like when your child asks you, “Where do I come from?” You come from the Earth, honey. “Where does the Earth come from?” It comes from the stars, honey. “Where do the stars come from?” Go to bed, honey.

The great existential questions of philosophy are actually quite useless. We belong. No hypothetical question or answer is really necessary.

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