Who’s Me?

Tao Te Ching – Chapter 7

How can we fine the eternal,
the lasting nature of the Tao,
that seems so elusive amid
the changes of life?

The Tao does not come and go as do all formations.
It is the watcher of the comings
and the goings.

In our practice we find
that we are the watcher as well.
We watch our opinions and ideas,
our likes and dislikes,
our desires and our fears,
our bodies and our minds,
but we do not identify with them.
Therefore, when they arise,
we watch.
When they pass away,
we remain.

Every “me” created by my mind will pass away. But there is Something for whom the whole fleeting, transient, catastrophic chaos of life is simply not a problem. This “Something” is “Me” in the most profound sense of what might be called identity.

It is actually possible to stop creating and holding on to all the little “me persons” that crowd out the Reality of Being. My mind can’t help this process, but it can be gently trained to turn its attention to more meaningful and satisfying pursuits. It can simply watch, wonder, muse, appreciate, enjoy, be fascinated, and respond to life with effective and compassionate action in an unforced and natural manner. This “Me” has no agenda and therefore has no problem with whatever it discerns needs doing. The caveat, of course, is knowing which “me” is present to decide.

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