Tao Te Ching – Chapter 10

Can we embrace both the acceptable
and unacceptable parts of ourselves?
Can we breathe as easily as innocent babies?
Can we see the world clearly
and without judgment?
Can we act with loving-kindness
yet remain unknown and unsung?
Can we watch all things come and go,
yet remain undisturbed?
Can we accept our countless thoughts and opinions,
yet not take them seriously?

If we can do this
we are acting according to the virtue that is naturally ours;
nourishing all things, but possessing nothing;
enjoying all things, but clinging to nothing;
working diligently, but claiming credit for nothing;
growing in wisdom, but controlling nothing.
Talk about counter-cultural, look at the last four lines: not possessing; not clinging; not taking credit; and not controlling. Can you imagine any four qualities less congruent with our modern society? If somehow we could grasp the essence of these qualities that Lao-Tzu says are naturally ours, our personal world and the world around us would be transformed.

I would like to nourish my home with care, yet not possess it; to nurture my spouse, yet not possess her; to nourish all the things I work with, yet not possess them. I love the land where my motor home is now parked. I want to enjoy it without needing to possess it. I enjoy writing and am finding that the less credit I seek, the more good work I can accomplish. My life is daily revealing that nothing is within my control yet I am enjoying everything immensely!

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