Here It Is!

Tao Te Ching – Chapter 14

What we are seeking
can’t be seen, heard, or touched.
It is our essential unity
beyond the divisions of our senses.

It is not obvious to the mind,
but neither is it hidden from the heart.

Looking at nothing,
all of a sudden there it is!
But the moment we see it, it disappears
leaving only a vague memory.

Chasing after it is useless
because it didn’t begin anytime
and isn’t going anywhere.
To realize our True Nature,
we need only return to our breath,
here and now.
Western science has produced some marvelous things, but when it comes to the truly essential questions of life it flounders. Physicists pretend that a Grand Unifying Theory is just around the corner, but it will forever slip beyond the grasp of our instruments. Deeper and deeper we probe into the quantum flux of the Cosmos, dividing and subdividing elements until … ? When you peel the last layer of an onion away, what is left?

Only an honest exploration of the heart and mind (soul, gut, intuition, etc.) will bring me the realization of unity, peace, and joy for which I long. It’s not “out there.” It’s here. Breathe, there it is.

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