The Still Point

Tao Te Ching – chapter 16
When the chatter of our mind quiets down,
we find the still point
about which all of life revolves.
From this still point we watch everything come and go in perfect peace.

Everything that is, was, or ever will be
has a common Source from which it comes, in which it lives,
and to which it returns.

Understanding this coming and going,
we return to our Source and our confusion ends.
Not understanding this,
we remain confused and bring about great suffering.

Living at the still point, we are open to all of life.
Open to all of life, we don’t judge anything.
Not judging, we see with compassion.
Seeing with compassion,
we discover our True Nature.
Discovering our True Nature, we are at home
and nothing in life disturbs us.
My life is like a spinning wheel. Much of the time I am clinging somewhere out on the outer edge of the wheel and hanging on for dear life. Nothing stays the same for even an instant. Sometimes it is a “Whee” sort of excitement and a thrilling ride. Sometimes it is a trip on the stomach-churning vomit comet.

Every now and then I make my way down the spokes to the center. Life is still moving, changing, and being what it is, but I am at a point which does not spin. When I am at this point I am able to watch the outer portions of the wheel go by on their endless round without being disturbed. Once again, the qualities of a peaceful, compassionate, and simple life automatically emerge.

Trying to live simple and free out the outer rim is futile. Simple and free at the center is a given.

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