Tao Te Ching – chapter 18

When we forget who we truly are,
we turn to external rules to define goodness and morality.
When we no longer live from our heart,
we search for clever strategies to guide our actions.
This is only a pretense of life.

Duty and loyalty become substitutes
for our inability to love ourselves and others.
Then we insist our leaders heal the suffering
created by our own divided minds.


Lao-Tzu was one of the first anarchists in modern history. The term “anarchy” literally means, “without a head, or ruler.” He mistrusted the conventional rule-laden society in which he lived and, eve more, he mistrusted those who ruled that society. He was not a violent anarchist, trying to overthrow governments. He simply felt that the massive governmental structure was not the way of the Tao. Only a small village, he said, could be governed by the flow of the Tao.

I’m especially caught by the way our political process has placed on our leaders the responsibility for “fixing” things. We willingly participate in a culture that is committing ecocide, then complain that “they” should “do something about it!” We no longer live from our heart, therefore we search wildly for clever solutions from “out there.” The solutions do not lie out there, they lie “in here.”

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