Give It Up

Tao Te Ching – chapter 19

If we give up our attempts to be holy and wise,
everyone, including ourselves, will gain great benefit.
If we give up our rules for goodness and justice,
all beings will naturally be treated with loving kindness.
If we give up striving to accumulate by clever means,
theft will disappear.

But these lessons are mere outward forms.
The core of our path is this:
We see through our conditioned mind
and find our True Nature waiting.

I have pretty much given up my attempts to be holy and wise. I understand that every form of existence is, by its nature, holy. Any wisdom that exists, exists everywhere. The most I can do is attempt to express it in words when I catch a glimpse of it.

Giving up rules for goodness and justice is another story. The horrible injustices of humanity cry out for some sort of revolution. But my ideas of what we “need” are simply my ideas. There are still some indigenous cultures left who don’t give a rip about my ideas. I don’t know what is best for an Amazon tribe; for a Kalahari nomad; for a rancher in Montana; or for anyone else to tell the truth. The more I hang on to my ideas, the less loving kindness freely flows through me.

A fresh, clear, pure river is flowing through the meadow at our feet and we are frantically digging shallow wells and dying of thirst.

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