The Pathless Path

Tao Te Ching – Chapter 21

This path brings us to our true nature.

Though this Way seems elusive and avoids our words and concepts,
It is the source of everything seen and unseen.

Though walking this path
seems to take us into deep
and hidden shadows,
it leads us into the very
life-force of all things.
Since before the beginning
of beginning-less time,
it has been both creator of,
and witness to, all existence.

We know the truth of this Way, not by believing it,
but by being it.
I usually feel as if I am walking the path of the Tao, trying to be mindful of the twists and turns and hoping that the path doesn’t take me into too dark a place. On some occasions, however, I realize that the Tao itself is walking the path; that the path and the one walking the path are the same thing.

It is back to the central theme of, “no separation.” The initial sense of separateness that implies a “me” and a “path” which “I” must follow leads only to futility. It is not grandiose to understand that “I” and “the Tao” are one thing. My temporary illusion of separateness is a real enough illusion and I can’t just pretend I don’t feel it. But I can remember that, beneath my mind-created feelings of separateness, lies the reality of who and what I am; I am the Path, the Path is me.

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