Pass Away

Tao Te Ching – chapter 23
This is a path of few words.
Silence is the natural way of life.
Strong winds arise,
and pass away.
Torrential rains arise,
and pass away.
Even the cosmos,
which produces the wind and rain, passes away.
Why then so much concern
over what to do
and what to say?

Our life is an expression of Life Itself.
Our true nature expresses itself in everything we do.
Success and failure are seen
as part of a seamless joyful whole.
Each is accepted
and fully lived.

All my sorrows; all my joys, all my pains; and all my pleasures will pass away. This moment, here at my keyboard in my comfortable home, is passing away as I write. What is around the next temporal corner I can never know.

Now a few hours have passed, but it is still now. Memories of those hours exist, but they are merely patterns in the “now” of my brain’s neural net, half remembered events flickering on the dim screen of my mind. All the words ever written, books printed, songs sung, images captured on canvas and pixel, are transient, so why do I write?

Because it gives me pleasure to see the wind and rain of my mind take a temporary form. Writing is fine to do. Worry is a waste of time.

One thought on “Pass Away”

  1. Thanks Bill. Your answer to your question, “why I write?” is wonderfully freeing! And delightfully poetic.


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