Tao Te Ching – chapter 25
This Path we follow existed
before the universe was born.

It contains within itself
unchanging tranquility and solitude.
It is present wherever we turn
and provides inexhaustible compassion
to all beings.
Thus it may be considered
the Mother of the Universe.
It has no name,
but if we have to refer to it
we call it Tao.

It can also be called The Great Mystery
from which we come, in which we live,
and to which we return.

It is a Path filled with the grandeur of the Cosmos,
the Earth and the human heart.

This Path is our true home
because it is home to all things
in Heaven and on Earth.



I sense that the Mystery is compassionate, but certainly not obliging to the whims of any one particular form within it. If I am going to posit the compassionate nature of the Tao, I am certainly going to have to redefine “compassion” to something far more powerful than catering to human foibles and perceived needs. My life and death are all the same to the Tao. Both are contained within It so neither is a problem to It. It’s compassion lies in the graceful and free flow of life through me at all times; available to me in life or in death whenever I turn my attention to it.

The tragic state of humanity on Earth at the present time is due to our ignorance and fear, which births anger and violence. We as individuals and as a species are free to turn our attention to the flow of Tao through us at any moment. At that moment the tragedy would disappear. Life and death would remain. Suffering and tragedy would not. It is only a question of our attention.

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