Deep Roots

Tao Te Ching – Chapter 26
Because this path is deeply rooted,
it allows us to be light hearted
and not take ourselves too seriously.
Because this path is stable,
it allows us to act without rashness.

So, whatever we do,
we do not abandon ourselves.
Even though the world provides endless worries and distractions,
we remain unconcerned and content.

We have everything we could want.
Why would we scurry about looking for something else?
Only if we lose touch with out true nature
are we trapped in agitation and hurry.


I’ve mentioned before that much of my life has been spent wanting something just a bit different from what I have – ever so slightly; just a little tweak and everything would be perfect! As I discover how deep the roots of the Tao reach, I am more able to let go of this “something else mind.” It’s as if my own roots are now intertwined with the whole planet. The whole world is nurturing me. Why should I reach for anything else?

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