Life! Not Stories.

Tao Te Ching – Chapter 36

If we try to get rid of something, it will naturally remain.
If we try to weaken a habit,
it will naturally remain strong.
If we try to push away our thoughts, they will naturally return.
If we try to get rid of our pain, we will suffer all the more.

This is the secret of our path:
gentleness and flexibility bring the results
that force and rigidity
fail to achieve.

Our true benefit lies
not in our words or arguments, but in the depth of our practice.


I got a bit behind in my journal yesterday. We’ve just taken on the roll of caretakers for the family 3 acres here in Mt. Shasta. It’s wonderful but there is so much to do to get ready for winter. We’ll be taking care of the property plus the small rustic cabin next to which we’ve parked our motor home. Interesting times. More on that later.

The major message I am getting, both from the mountains around me and from today’s Tao chapter is: “Stop telling stories about your life. Just live it!” All of my transitions are fuel for hundreds of stories – plans, fears, should-have-done, must-do, etc. I look out at the looming bulk of Black Butte and he seems to say to me, “Don’t tell stories about taking care of this land. Just take care of it!” So today I have been working: cleaning the cabin, digging out brush, sweating, and enjoying myself.

I tell myself a hundred times a day, “That’s a story. Don’t tell stories. Just be here.”

2 thoughts on “Life! Not Stories.”

  1. Great reminder to stay out of my head! Which of your books are you using for this journey Bill? Thanks, I think I will follow along .


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