Rollin’ Stone

Tao Te Ching – Chapter 39

With this practice we find clarity.
Our horizons become expansive.
Our daily life becomes tranquil.
Our souls become inspired.
Our relationships become filled with trust and honesty.
Our society flourishes.
Everything around us becomes filled with creative life.

Without this practice we continue to suffer.
Our horizons contract.
Our daily life fills with anxiety.
Our souls wither.
Our relationships crumble.
Our society flounders.
Everything around us becomes exhausted.

Despite our seeming prestige and power, we know that we are really little children,
dependent on the Tao and helpless without it.

A wagon rolls along and does its job with no fanfare at all.
Rather than clattering about trying to be noticed,
we just roll along
like common stones in the river.

I think about “this practice.” It is nothing really specific of esoteric. It exists within all authentic and sincere spiritual paths. It is simply a letting go of all the clinging and seeking. This automatically begins to relieve the fears and anxieties. Depending on the Tao is not like depending on a capricious and judgmental parent. This dependence, for me, is just recognizing that I emerge entirely from the elements of the Earth, which Itself emerges from the atoms of the stars, which themselves emerge from a Quantum Mystery that may as well be called, “Tao.”

This is a humbling yet magnificent awareness. I don’t have to clatter about seeking this or that, yet here I am! Star Stuff! A common stone, yet how wonderful to be here. Here’s to a day of rolling along.

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