Watch And See

Tao Te Ching – Chapter 42

Hidden in the mystery of the Tao lies the original unity.
This unity contains the duality of yin and yang.
Yin and Yang together produce the energy of creation
and give rise to all things.

Every atom of the cosmos
contains the yin and yang together.
We feel this harmonious process
in the rising and falling of our breath.

It seems natural to avoid loss and seek gain,
but on this path such distinctions are not helpful.
There is no gain without loss
There is no fullness without deprivation.
Who knows how or when
one gives way to the other.
So we remain at the center
and trust events instead of forcing them.
This is the heart of all spiritual paths.


I keep getting messages of trust from my pilgrimage through the Tao Te Ching this time. This is helping me to let go of the illusions of control. Life has taught me that expectations and plans always skew my spirit off-center. Instead of being pushed off-center, I now let events flow around me and I just try to see what their direction and meaning might be. This is “watching the Tao.” A person might say, “Oh, this would be a good way to go. Wouldn’t that be nice?” I don’t know. I’ll watch and see. Then some other person says, “I’m going to do thus and so,” and my conditioned mind grabs on and says, “Oh wonderful.” Instead I’ll watch and see.

The Tao is flowing with transformative power. The world as we know it is going to change in profound and unexpected ways. Watch, and see what happens. When you see clearly, let it carry you along.

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