Tao Te Ching – Chapter 46

When we practice this path,
our energy is focused on useful, helpful tasks.
When we depart from this path,
fear contaminates our energy and we become concerned with self-protection.

Our greatest suffering comes from not knowing who we are or where we belong.
Our greatest unhappiness comes from always wanting something more,
something else.

To be content with each breath is to be eternally content.
This is our practice.



OK, OK, focused energy, useful helpful tasks, I know, I know. But the flipping ancient plumbing in the cabin has been hiding a leak behind the walls in the “laundry” room. Walls soggy and falling apart. Had to turn off the pump. Broke the handle on the pump shut-off valve. No water. Weekend. Plumbers hiding in the woods.

Can I let go of wanting the plumbing fixed? The tank on the motor home is full. We have electricity. To take care of an ancient cabin in the woods is to be continually responding to things beyond my control. Did Thoreau have to deal with plumbing? No sir. Then again, he had to go outside to poop and bathe. What a wussy sort of Thoreau I am.

Breathe. No protection needed. All will flow (poor choice of words) as it should.

I am content and happy despite the rant. Thanks for listening.

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