Deep Qualities

Tao Te Ching – Chapter 49


We hold no fixed opinions.
Our hearts are therefore open to the hearts of all.

We extend kindness to the kind and unkind alike.
Thus kindness becomes our very nature.

We extend trust to the trustworthy and untrustworthy alike.
Thus trust becomes our very nature.

We don’t contend with people by seeking to gain advantage.
People around us lose their edge
and we become loving friends to the whole world.



Open heartedness, kindness, and trust are qualities that exist within each of us. However, we are conditioned to feel and express them only in certain circumstances. they are doled out when merited, appreciated, or reciprocated. It is as if they are social currency to be sparingly spent. Fear permeates our society to such an extent that we hoard these qualities lest they be used against us somehow.

I’m finding that openness, trust, and kindness are like a hidden aquifer in the depths of my psyche. On the surface there is distrust and fear, but all I have to do is relax and patiently watch the unfolding of my life. I don’t have to strain trying to turn distrust into trust or anger into kindness. Qualities like these are flowing within me all the time. I’m learning to wait and let them bubble up from the aquifer down below my conditioned mind. Pure clear waters run deep down there and will naturally rise to the surface when I let the mud settle.


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