Tao Te Ching – Chapter 52


The origin of all that is
can naturally be called “mother of all.”
Finding our mother, we find our true self.
Finding our true self,
our suffering ends.

If we let our thoughts become still
and our needs become few,
we will live in peace.
If we follow our thoughts and chase after distractions,
we will live in chaos.

Noticing small and ordinary things is enlightenment.
Treating all beings with kindness is strength.

Enlightenment is our natural state.
Sitting in meditation we see our hidden suffering,
accept it, lay it down,
and return to peace.



Lao-Tzu uses “Mother” to describe the Tao in several chapters. He does this, I think, to reinforce the idea that the Tao “gives birth” to the Cosmos rather than “creates” it. Today I am going to remember that I emerged from all of this; the Earth, the Cosmos, the Tao. I wasn’t created and plopped down into an alien place – I emerged. I’m of the same “stuff” as the Cosmos. This is my true self.

So meditation and other practices should also “emerge” from this place rather than be added sort of, “on top of” my life. Knowing who I truly am is natural, not esoteric. It only requires a willing silence and quiet mind.

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