Present Moment Practice

Tao Te Ching – Chapter 55


Embracing this path
we are like newborn children.
We are in natural harmony with all creatures,
bringing harm to none.
Our body is soft and flexible, yet strong.
Our vital passion is not limited to sexual intercourse,
but empowers all of life.
Our harmony and focus allow us to work all day at a single task
and not grow tired.

This harmony is experienced only in the present moment.
It is in the present moment that we see the way ahead.
Everything in life becomes a blessing.
Forcing events to be other than they are only brings us misery.




The experience of harmony, flexibility, and passion is a present-moment thing. If I try to cultivate it I can sometimes lead myself down a rabbit hole. There are certain “cultivation” practices such as meditation and Qigong (and many others) but I have found that they can’t be practiced “in order to” become harmonious, flexible, and passionate. I have to practice them just to practice them. Only in this manner do they cultivate what I seek. Otherwise they are not present-moment and thus continue to reinforce that, “someday, sometime in the future,” I will find what I seek.

The blessings I have found with my practices come when I let them be simply what I am doing in the moment. Meditation and Qigong have, for me, been effective ways of being in the moment and therefore giving my mind an experience of something other than chatter, chatter, chatter. Not always, of course. But I keep returning to them and they have turned out to be my valued companions on this Way.

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