Not Flawed

Tao Te Ching – Chapter 62

This path is the source of all that is.
It is the refuge of those who follow it.
It is the protector of those who ignore it.

We honor those who show no interest in this path
with gentle words and loving kindness.

Greater than any gift of wealth or power
is the quiet offering of ourselves to one another.
Two truths guide our practice:
“Look inside and you will find,”
“You are free of fault.”

For this reason this path
is dear to us beyond all else.



The essential wonder of being born into this life and sustained within it is freely given. There is no need whatsoever for me to convince another person to, “follow the Tao.” Every being follows the Tao by their very nature. The only distinction might lie in one’s felt perception. The more I am aware of being part of the Tao, the less fear, anger, and stress I perceive within myself.

So, indeed, this way of living is dear to me. I am free to look within myself because I am not afraid of what I might find there. I may find some difficult issues caused by my conditioned mind, but that is OK. I make mistakes and use the regret that comes from them to avoid them in the future. But a mistake is quite different from the existential “fault” or “sin” that rests at the core of some religions. I make mistakes, but I am not flawed. I sometimes cause harm, but I am not flawed.

2 thoughts on “Not Flawed”

  1. I am moved to tears by this passage and beyond grateful for having discovered your gentle guidance, walking hand in hand , on the Tao.


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