Real Information

Tao Te Ching – Chapter 72


If we have no awe of the mystery,
we are easily controlled by fear.
We constrict ourselves with self-hate
and become the willing victims of other people.

Knowing our true nature,
we see ourselves clearly,
but do not become arrogant.
We cherish ourselves
but not as separate from all other beings.
Our external identity
is nourished by our inner reality.


My media fast is truly helping me see life more clearly and gradually untying the knots of fear that my cultural conditioning has used to control me for so many decades. The “information” I receive is carried by the sights and sounds, aromas and textures of my immediate environment. The temperature on the porch this morning was 28 degrees – important information for one who is settling into winter living. Gas prices are rising – information that determines our driving schedule. The pine needles are turning brown on the inner branches, getting ready to drop – a good time to prune the low-hanging branches.

I don’t need any more stories and half-truths, delivered in alarming and manipulative ways, to know how I want to live in relationship with the Earth and all Her life. A person has to pay close attention and take great care in order to know where to find “actionable” information amidst the propaganda, economic pressure, and fear that fills our media and lives.

I am finding “my Self” and, from that discovery, all else falls into place. Right action emerges naturally and life lives itself. That’s what I’m focusing on today.

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