Present Moment

Tao Te Ching – Chapter 80


The present moment is all we have,
so we are not constantly seeking a faster way to do things
or a better place to be.
Our vehicles sit idle except when truly needed,
and our weapons remain locked away.

Our attention is always on
the experience of the moment
so we enjoy our food,
our clothing,
our homes,
and every aspect
of a simple way of living.

Though the world is filled
with sights we haven’t seen,
we die content because
we have truly lived.



I’ve been sawing wood lately – literally. The cabin has a small wood stove which will accommodate small pieces of wood. There is a stack of firewood we’ve gathered from various places that is too large to fit. Piece by piece, I’m sawing the wood into chunks that will fit. “Borrow a chain saw!” the voice within shouts. But there is something in the rhythm of the saw cutting slowly through the Oak, Pine, and Cedar that brings me a great satisfaction. A voice from the distant past, probably my father or an uncle, reminds me, “Let the saw do the work.” So I relax and practice wu-wei sawing.

I take frequent breaks to stretch and look around. The autumn is showing brightly on the Aspen grove down the road. Pine needles are getting thick on the ground and will need raking soon. The little cabin, derelict for so many decades, is starting to come awake and stretch itself into life as well.

Today is Friday, a day in which we do not use the car nor participate in economic activity – part of our attempt to be in solidarity with the youth of the world in their growing protest over the climate crisis. Every moment is taking on a sharp flavor and I’m savoring it slowly and mindfully.

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