The River Flows On

Tao Te Ching – Chapter 81


The most helpful words
do not please our conditioning.
Words that please our conditioning are not helpful.
This path is not taught by argument.
Those who argue
are not teaching this path.
Books cannot teach this path.
If we rely on books
we will not find this path.

Simplicity is our joyous and practical guide.
Therefore we always have enough to live with generosity.
In this way our path brings great gain yet does no harm.
No longer striving for control,
we discover life to be an ever-flowing river.




Time has passed with amazing speed. I have arrived at the last chapter of The Tao Te Ching once again, and once again I am reminded that my words may or may not be helpful. I have simply walked along, day by day, with Lao-Tzu as my guide and have hoped that my reflections may have sparked something authentic in those who read over my shoulder.

I can’t teach this path. I can only walk it and speak as accurately as possible about my experiences. I am going to take a break now and turn to my work here on the family property and to my other writing. In the next few days I will make a PDF version of this 81 day journal available on both of my sites.
Blessings to all.

6 thoughts on “The River Flows On”

  1. Thank you…..I treasure these words every morning…..I will look forward to the pdf coming…..thank you again. Jan Rowan


  2. I have enjoyed and learned from every post, Bill. And I was so inspired that I bought your amazing “The Sage’s Tao Te Ching.” Thank you for sharing your passion and wisdom—it has made a difference in this crazy world.


  3. So refreshing to get your posts and a glimpse into your personal journey! Wishing you well as always.
    Gotta say, I lit up with a smile and chuckle imagining you sitting at the end of the day with a scotch in hand. Never would have thought of you as a scotch man.

    I do like a touch of Glenlivit once in awhile.


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